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The frontier of Haiti and the Dominican Republic is growing more and more intense daily. From the increased helicopter and drone surveilance to the patrols rounding up Haitians illegally crossing the river into the DR. Just to travel here there are check points to cross… those too have become more and more intense as far as checking you out.

Corruption is what breeds all this here…. poor become more poor and rich become richer… it’s a cycle that seemingly won’t stop.

People get to such a level of need they become like animals, a survival instinct it seems.

People are hungry… they have a saying here,”“DEMOCRACY HAS NO CALORIES”, and this is true… it drives the riots sometimes.

With the rains coming now it only makes things worse for the poor here. Prices of basic goods to live have gone up and fuel which moves everything has increased making everything go up in price … everything except the wages for workers. 

Please continue to pray for us and keep the people here in your prayers also…God is always listening… and YES your prayers do help! We know this first hand…

With many missionaries leaving permanently it’s hard to see hope for this place…please pray for our safety and well being too… Thank you!









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