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Dear friend, thank you for taking the time to check out what God is doing here on the island through this ministry. Over the years of being here in the mission field I have seen many things I wish I could forget or have never had seen. I believe that when God calls you out to be a vessel for His use sometimes only you and God may be the only ones who understand. I have dedicated my life to serving the Lord Jesus Christ and I am His servant.

As in Ezekiel 37:1 , the man of God was sent by the Spirit of the Lord into a valley or low place, where there was death and dryness and no life. It would be easy to say that God called me to some wealthy area or a area of the country that is alot nicer or maybe a tourist area , but He didn’t, He called me here.

Friends we have the RESPONSIBILITY to go to the places of dry bones and speak the Words of life to the people.  Jesus gave His life for us and we must also present our lives to Him as a living sacrifice ( Romans 12 v:1).

I continue to pray and ask the Father to send workers and supporters to help keep His work going here. Maybe today He is speaking to you to be part of what we are doing here in His name. Won’t you prayerfully consider becoming a partner with us in this mission and see His hand change the destiny of a nation?

Senior Director – John Beasley Jr.


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